Six Handy Tips for Pro Kabaddi Betting

Kabaddi is one of the oldest games played in India. The rules and format of the game have changed a lot since its first international introduction at Berlin Olympics in 1936. It used to be mainly played by South Asia, but has slowly become a really popular sport all around the world. It has become so popular that professional leagues are played each year now. One of the most prominent professional kabaddi league is Pro Kabaddi.

With professional leagues, betting opportunities also come into picture. Here are six pro kabaddi betting tips that can help you get the most of this year’s Pro Kabaddi League:

  • Know the Rules:

Kabaddi isn’t an easy game to understand. You should know what kind of raids earn points and what kind of fouls reduce points. Having knowledge of all the ins-and-outs of the game helps tremendously while betting as well as the betting happens based on the outcomes of the actual live match. If you have absolutely no idea about the rules, you might end up betting on the wrong team entirely.

  • Bet on Matches Instead of Entire Tournaments:

Pro Kabaddi is a league tournament, which means there is no certainty of knowing whether one team would make it to the next stage of competition or not. Therefore, it is better to bet match by match instead of betting on one team for the entire tournament. After a few matches, you can always make a bet on tournaments as well.

  • Always Bet According to Recent Statistics:

There are many betting websites that offer statistics and pro kabaddi prediction. Keep yourself updated with all the recent statistics. As Pro Kabaddi league has received quite a lot of appreciation, they have enough funds to keep track of all kinds of stats. You can determine what the raid percentage of one raider against a particular team is! Therefore, keep this info in mind.

  • Bet on Statistics of Players As Well:

Betting on matches isn’t the only way to bet in Pro Kabaddi. You can also bet on who is going to be the highest raider or highest tackler. There are various other statistics that you can bet on. Therefore, don’t forget to bet on your favourite players here as they might make you win big as well.

  • Keep Yourself Caught up with the Live Match As Well:

Pro Kabaddi is a highly fickle game. Anything can change at any time. There is no definitive winner till the final whistle. Therefore, you should always keep yourself caught up with the live match so that you can make any last minute changes to your bet.

  • Keep Yourself Up to Date with Any Latest Injuries or Operations to a Player:

Pro Kabaddi has been going on for a while now and many players get injured during the game. Even if the raider/tackler has excellent stats, it is possible that he recently went through some kind of operation or injury and that might through off his game a little bit. Therefore, keep this in mind while betting.

Keep these points in mind when betting in pro kabaddi and win big by showing off your kabaddi knowledge.

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